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Lanoi Maldives — Thai Restaurant

I’ve designed and developed this fully immersive 3d website concept for a luxurious Thai restaurant in the Maldives in one month, inside a browser without writing a single line of code (except for the audio functionality). I came up with the creative concept for the place and site and did the entire digital production using the power of Webflow, Spline & Figma.

The design for the restaurant was inspired by Loy Krathong (floating lantern festival) and the name is a mix of “Insula” (island in latin) and “Noi” (little in thai). I grew up with video games and have always been interested in 3d and I had a lot of fun working on this project after doing regular 2d sites for 18+ years.

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Lanoi Design
Lanoi Design


Most of the time went into the design and creation of the real-time 3D scene in Spline and optimizing it to make sure it’s lightweight and runs as smooth as possible in the browser on various devices. The final scene has around 10k polygons and is only using 6 texture images with an estimated export size of 547kb and loading time score of 99 / 100.

Lanoi Design


The website was built in Webflow without writing a single line of code, except for the audio functionality which was added using howler.js and some javascript help from ChatGPT. I’ve used the Spline integration feature and created 1 timeline for the entire project to make it easier to work with. I optimized all the assets to be as lightweight as possible and tried to keep the number of requests to a minimum and ended up with a final compressed size of 2mb that includes audio, images, fonts, responsive tweaks and a fully interactive real-time 3d scene.

Lanoi Design

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